Southwest Airlines has to ground all flights

Southwest Airlines announced that it had to stop all of its flights as a result of technical errors, leading to an uproar of complaints from customers on Tuesday. This incident mirrors the same issue that happened over the Christmas period.

In response to an unsatisfied customer, a spokesperson from Southwest Airlines tweeted that they were attempting to resume operations soon and apologized for the inconvenience.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave the company the go-ahead to start again shortly afterward, though flights approaching Dallas Love Field Airport were still at a standstill.

FlightAware, a flight tracking website, reported that about 30% of Southwest’s flights were delayed on Tuesday morning. The FAA tweeted that the pause was completely canceled after Southwest Airlines requested to pause their departures due to an internal technical problem.

Comments from passengers on social media were not positive, with one saying that the company’s leadership needs to change and another adding that they were stuck on a plane because of the computer system crash. The last tweet asked when they would be able to get off a flight at SJC due to the system failure.