7 dead after gunman attack popular resort

The serenity of La Palma Resort was instantly shattered when seven people were killed by ruthless attackers, who had no qualms about firing shots indiscriminately, including at a 7-year-old child.

After they were done with their carnage, they took the security cameras and monitor and fled the scene. The victims were 3 men, 3 women and a child, and their deaths have sent shockwaves through the resort and beyond.

The authorities have yet to identify the perpetrators of this heinous attack, and the motive remains unknown. However, it is speculated that drug cartels in Cortazar, who have been known to engage in skirmishes in the past, could be involved.

This incident is a tragic reminder that Mexico continues to suffer from violent outbreaks throughout the country. It is essential for the authorities to bring justice to the attackers to restore a sense of order and peace to the community.