Massive Fiery Accident on Busy Interstate Disrupts Traffic

A gasoline tanker truck collided with a tractor-trailer on Interstate 95 in Connecticut, causing a massive fire early Thursday morning. The incident led to the closure of both sides of the highway, a crucial route on the East Coast, around 5 a.m., as reported by local sources.

The tanker, loaded with approximately 8,500 gallons of gasoline, crashed into the truck and a passenger vehicle near Exit 15, close to the Fairfield Avenue overpass. Local hazardous materials teams, along with other authorities, quickly arrived at the scene to manage the hazardous material cleanup.

Despite the severity of the incident, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont confirmed that there were no serious injuries. However, officials advised drivers to seek alternative routes due to the extensive traffic congestion caused by the accident.

Local police, firefighters, and crews from the state’s transportation department and environmental protection agency were also present at the scene. The authorities are currently assessing the extent of the damage caused to local utilities and the overpass bridge by the accident.

Governor Lamont acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the incident to the public. He also mentioned that he had briefed US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg about the accident. He urged the public to avoid the area as much as possible due to the severe traffic jams.

The reopening of the highway remains uncertain. Scott Hill, the bureau chief of Engineering and Construction at the Department of Transportation (DOT), stated that an engineer would need to evaluate the bridge. The intense heat from the fire may have caused deformation to the steel structure of the bridge.

Paul Rizzo, the bureau chief of highway operations for the DOT, stated in a news briefing that officials were coordinating with the city of Norwalk to reroute traffic. He confirmed that detours were set up on I-95 to manage the traffic around the incident site. Governor Lamont added that state officials would provide an update on the road’s status later in the day.