Active Shooter Neutralized at Middle School Shooting

Authorities in Wisconsin successfully neutralized a potential active shooter before he could infiltrate a local middle school, armed with a rifle. The incident occurred at Mount Horeb Middle School in Dane County, around 12:30 p.m. local time, prompting a swift response from law enforcement.

School administrators were quick to assure parents that no students were harmed during the incident. They also confirmed that the suspect was unable to penetrate the school’s entrance. Following the report of an active shooter, all schools within the Mount Horeb Area school district were placed under a stringent lockdown.

An eyewitness, who was working a block away from the school, reported hearing multiple gunshots and seeing a large number of students fleeing the scene. Jeanne Keller, the witness, initially mistook the gunfire for fireworks. “I saw all the children running. I probably saw 200 children,” she recounted.

Parents were thrown into a state of panic, desperately trying to locate their children after hearing about the lockdown. Brittany Rodriguez, a parent of a student still inside the school at the time, expressed her fear and frustration during an emotional interview with local media. She described the terrifying experience of receiving a call from her frightened children while being half an hour away from them.

Authorities later revealed that the suspect was a former student of the middle school. The Mount Horeb Police, who were equipped with active body cameras, shot the student. Another parent, Melissa Alvarado, shared that her children were exiting the school when the shooting occurred. She described how teachers instructed students to run to the other side of the school and barricade the doors.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor, Tony Evers, issued a brief statement on social media regarding the incident. He expressed his concern for the safety of the students, educators, and staff, and extended his gratitude to the first responders for their swift action.

The school’s security measures were praised by officials for preventing the suspect from entering the school, thereby averting a potential tragedy.