Influencer Hospitalized After Freak Accident on Vacation

LOS ANGELES – Influencer and orthodontist Dr. Cara Hodgson is recovering after an electrocution incident during her vacation in Thailand. Hodgson shared the scary update on her Instagram account, revealing that she had gone through the “worst 10 days” and considers herself lucky to be alive. She emphasized the preciousness of life and how quickly it can be taken away in a caption alongside photos of herself in a hospital bed.

The orthodontist explained that she had a “freak accident” where she was electrocuted by power lines and blacked out while in Thailand. She underwent treatment in multiple hospitals to regain her strength and fight for her life. Hodgson expressed gratitude for the support she received and the messages that kept her going during her struggle.

In her recovery progress diary entries, Hodgson shared her determination to fight and not let the accident take away anything from her. She also posted videos of herself back at home, spending time with her husband and dog surrounded by flowers, cards, and a ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon. The influencer thanked her followers for their never-ending support and stressed the importance of appreciating the privilege of being alive.

Hodgson, known for her Instagram influence and career as an orthodontist, apologized to her followers for her absence and lack of updates on her recovery. While she didn’t provide specific details about the incident, she expressed her gratitude for being alive and said that she still has a long recovery journey ahead with doctor appointments and lifestyle changes.

Supportive comments flooded Hodgson’s Instagram, with followers sending love, prayers, and positive vibes. Friends expressed their admiration for her strength, offering their support and excitement for spending more time together in the future.

Hodgson concluded her message with a reminder that being alive and able to breathe, eat, talk, and move is a precious privilege that should be celebrated.

The incident serves as a reminder to appreciate the value of life and the unforeseen challenges that can arise.