Grandson Hacks 100-Year-Old Grandma to Death with Ax

The trial of a man accused of the brutal murder of his centenarian grandmother commenced in Hamburg last week. The victim, a retired farm worker known as Amalie G, was discovered lifeless in her apartment in the German city. The accused, her 37-year-old grandson Artur B, was apprehended in March following the horrific event.

Artur, who has a history of mental health problems and was on medication, had been the primary caregiver for his grandmother. Amalie was wheelchair-bound and suffered from dementia. Following his arrest, Artur sought psychiatric assistance, stating that the burden of caring for his sickly grandmother had overwhelmed him.

However, a family member offered a contrasting portrayal of Artur. The relative disclosed that Amalie had frequently accused her grandson, a former soldier, of theft. The family member also revealed that Artur was often jobless and perpetually in financial distress, causing other relatives to distance themselves from him.

Artur’s arrest was prompted by his own call to the police, confessing his crime. The post-mortem examination disclosed that Amalie had been hit 16 times with an axe. In a desperate attempt to protect herself, she had wielded a cordless vacuum cleaner. The lethal blow was one that severed her spinal cord.

A neighbor of the deceased woman stated that they had a good relationship before her death. The neighbor also shared that Amalie had confided in her about Artur breaking into her apartment through the balcony with the intention of stealing her money. Despite the frequent disputes between Artur and his grandmother, he regularly visited her apartment to care for her.

Family members speculate that a disagreement over money may have triggered the events on the night of the murder. After Artur confessed his crime, police found an axe at the bloody crime scene.

Despite the gruesome nature of the crime, the public prosecutor confirmed that Artur had no prior criminal record. Local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt reported that Artur was known to the police only for minor offenses, none of which were violent. Artur is scheduled to testify in court in Hamburg on Monday.