Sudden Death of Pastor’s Wife Sparks Investigation

The sudden death of a pastor’s wife in North Carolina is currently under investigation by local authorities. Mica Miller, wife of John-Paul Miller, the pastor of Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was found dead on April 27 in Lumber River State Park. The news was announced by Pastor Miller to his congregation after his Sunday sermon on April 28.

Pastor Miller informed his congregation about his wife’s passing, stating that it was self-induced and occurred in North Carolina. He requested his congregation to refrain from discussing the matter after his announcement. He also mentioned that a funeral service for Mica Miller would be held at the church the following Sunday.

Mica Miller, who was only 30 years old, was found with a fatal gunshot wound to her head. However, the official cause of her death has not been released by the authorities yet. Major Damien McLean of Robeson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that an investigation into Miller’s death is underway, with officers gathering information from individuals in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

In the wake of Mica’s death, her friends and family have been vocal about their grief and their desire for justice. Mica’s mother revealed on Facebook that her daughter was found with a fatal gunshot wound in Lumberton, North Carolina. She also mentioned that a no-contact order and a divorce had been filed just days before the tragic incident.

Mica’s sister, Sierra Francis, urged people to disregard any false stories about Mica, describing her as a God-fearing, joyful, and loving woman who did not deserve the abuse she had suffered. Kenn Young, a friend of Mica, also expressed his hope that the police would conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

In the weeks leading up to her death, Mica had posted on Facebook about leaving a dangerous situation and hinted at being a victim of severe abuse. Public records indicate that Mica had filed for divorce in October of the previous year and had also filed additional “Separate Support and Maintenance” orders. The most recent order was filed on April 15, with a court hearing date set for June 5.