Bodies Found Near Surfing Spot Where Tourists Disappeared

Three bodies have been discovered near a well-known surfing spot in Mexico, where an American and two Australians disappeared last week, according to sources close to the investigation. The missing individuals, identified as 30-year-old American Jack Carter Rhoad and Australian brothers Callum, 33, and Jake Robinson, 30, were last seen in Baja California. They were on a surfing trip in Ensenada, a port city located 80 miles south of San Diego, and had been sharing their journey on social media until their posts abruptly ceased last Saturday.

The trio was expected to arrive at an Airbnb rental but never made it. Investigators began to suspect foul play when they found abandoned tents in the area, which they believe belonged to the missing surfers. A burnt white pick-up truck, similar to the one the men were driving, was also found at the scene.

Mexican authorities are currently investigating three individuals in connection with the disappearance. One of them, a 23-year-old woman, was apprehended with drugs and a cellphone that had a wallpaper photo of one of the missing men. Baja California’s chief prosecutor, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, stated that a team of investigators is examining the site where the men were last seen.

The mother of the missing Australian brothers, Debra Robinson, reported her sons missing four days after she last heard from them. She made a public appeal for help on a local community Facebook page. She also mentioned that one of her sons, Callum, is diabetic.

Before their disappearance, the men were seen enjoying their vacation along the Pacific Coast. They were spotted wearing wetsuits, drinking beers, and relishing local cuisine at Rosarito Beach. They were also seen at San Miguel beach in Ensenada, but never arrived at their Airbnb rental.

Baja California is known for its high crime rate, although tourist areas like Ensenada are generally considered safer. The US State Department has advised Americans to reconsider travel to the state due to crime and kidnapping. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Australia’s foreign ministry stated that their embassy in Mexico is working closely with Mexican authorities and the Australian Federal Police to resolve the case.