Former Teacher Earns Nearly $1M on OnlyFans After Resigning

Brianna Coppage, a former English teacher at St. Clair High School in Missouri, has reportedly earned nearly $1 million through her OnlyFans account, a platform she initially joined to supplement her income and pay off student loans. The 28-year-old educator, who was earning $42,000 annually from her teaching job, was put on administrative leave and later resigned after school officials discovered her involvement with the adult content site.

Coppage, who was pursuing her third degree at the time, explained that her decision to join OnlyFans was primarily driven by financial needs. She emphasized that her activities on the platform were entirely separate from her professional responsibilities at the school and were conducted on her personal time.

The issue came to light in September when two school administrators questioned Coppage about her additional income sources after receiving a report from an adult in the Sullivan School District. Coppage confirmed her involvement with OnlyFans and clarified that her activities on the platform did not overlap with her school duties.

Kyle Kruse, the superintendent of the school district, stated that the district was alerted about a staff member potentially posting inappropriate content online. In response, the district sought legal advice and initiated a thorough investigation. The actions resulting from the investigation would be guided by board policy and legal counsel, Kruse added.

Since joining OnlyFans, Coppage has become one of the platform’s top creators, amassing tens of thousands of fans and significantly surpassing her annual teaching salary. She expressed no regrets about her decision and emphasized that individuals should be allowed to have personal lives outside of their careers.

Coppage also addressed concerns about students discovering her online activities, stating that it was adults, not students, who reported her OnlyFans account. She added that students only became aware of her account after adults shared her link in a community group.