Motorcyclist Found In Ditch After Missing for Three Days

A motorcyclist from Tennessee, who disappeared while on his way to collect breakfast from McDonald’s, managed to survive for almost three days in a ditch after he swerved off the road. The incident occurred less than a mile from his residence. The 27-year-old, Taylor Boyle, was found by a group of his dedicated friends on Tuesday, concealed under trees and shrubs at the base of a 15-foot embankment in Heiskell, a community approximately 12 miles northwest of Knoxville.

Boyle was reported missing earlier that day, but his last contact was on Sunday morning, as per the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. His friends reported that Boyle was on his way to McDonald’s before meeting them at a nearby house. Despite their initial unsuccessful search, his friends returned to the area, driven by their commitment to find their missing friend.

Brandon Lawson, one of Boyle’s friends, told 10 News, “When I looked down in there, I didn’t see him at first and as I was panning out, I saw something sparkle — basically just saw the light reflect. And when I did, I looked back and I just saw the Harley wheel.”

Boyle was found a few feet away from his damaged blue motorcycle, lying in a ditch where he had spent the last 60 hours since reportedly crashing into a tree. Although he was conscious and able to communicate, he had suffered a concussion that left him unaware of the perilous situation he was in.

Boyle’s sister-in-law posted on Facebook, “He had guardian angels with him as he only thought he had been there for an hour camping with his dad.”

Boyle was immediately taken to the hospital with a dislocated elbow, concussion, and minor brain bleed. Doctors have said that he has a “long road to recovery.” Interestingly, a McDonald’s biscuit that Boyle had bought for a friend was still wrapped in his backpack when he was found.

Ryan French, another friend of Boyle’s, said, “All I was worried about doing was just finding him. Anything and everything that we had to do, as long as it took. We just had to find him, I knew he was out there.”

Reflecting on the incident, French added, “It’s pretty crazy, honestly, as far as he was down here. And, as much as you can see from up here, it’s a miracle that we found him. I just praise God every day.”