Woman shot in head after husband flips off erratic driver

On Monday night, tragedy struck when Paola Nunez Linares, 37, was fatally shot in the head while sitting in her car in Hurst, Texas, a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Her husband, Zane Jones, had just flipped off an aggressive driver in a small, dark, older-looking car. The driver retaliated by firing at least three shots into their minivan, one of which struck Linares in the back of the head. Jones quickly pulled off the highway and called 911, but it was too late.

Linares was originally from Guatemala and moved to the U.S. to marry Jones last year. Her mother, Ana Linares, said Paola was happy in her new life, making her death even more heartbreaking.

Jones hopes that other drivers may have been witnesses to the shooting and can help to catch the perpetrator. He wants her to be remembered as someone who was full of love.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hurst Police Department.