Woman chases sister’s stolen car, shoots people inside after crash

On Thursday, law enforcement officials reported that a woman from Missouri had chased after her sister’s stolen car and allegedly shot two people inside after the car crashed and burst into flames.

Francesca Jones, 32, had been driving with three children when she recognized her sibling’s Dodge Challenger driving past her on the road; the Challenger had allegedly been taken the day before. Jones chased after the car, which eventually collided with a truck at an intersection and caught fire. Jones got out of her car and shot two of the occupants of the Challenger, with one of them shooting back at her.

Jones claimed that she had wanted to make the car stop by ramming into it. The condition of the two gunshot victims is not known, nor is the relationship between the children and Jones. Jones was taken into custody at the accident site, and her gun was found in the trunk of her car.

Jones is facing three counts of assault, armed criminal action, and endangering the welfare of a child, and her bond was set at $750,000.