Woman and Baby Kidnapped From Target Parking Lot

A woman and her one-year-old baby were abducted from a Target store in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 31 by two men. Police have arrested one suspect, and the other is still at large.

In the Target parking lot, the woman had just finished shopping and was putting her groceries in her car when two men approached her. Her baby was in the shopping cart, and the men had guns.

She reported that they got out of a tan vehicle and demanded money from her, but she did not have any cash. She gave them her wallet so they could withdraw money with her debit card and PIN.

There was no stopping the men. By gunpoint, they forced the woman into the car with the baby. As a result, they forced her to withdraw $800 from an ATM nearby.

After receiving the money, the men drove the woman and baby back to Target and forced them out.

According to police, the men attempted to wipe their prints off the woman’s debit card; after wiping it off, they placed it back in her purse and stole her wallet.

As soon as the woman returned to Target, she called the police.
There were no shots fired during the abduction, and no one was injured.

As reported by Fox 13 Memphis, the suspect, twenty-five-year-old Will Hayes, has formally been charged and arrested for multiple charges, including two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, and employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony. Police are still searching for the second suspect, who remains at large.

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