Upset passenger makes bomb threat after missing flight

On Thursday, a disgruntled passenger who missed his JetBlue flight from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Los Angeles, California, called in a bomb threat, according to authorities.

It was reported that the passenger, who has not been identified, was not on the plane, but his luggage remained onboard. He claimed that his luggage contained explosives, leading to the LAX police, firefighters, and bomb squad personnel gathering on the tarmac.

An air traffic official stated that at approximately 2 p.m., the man made a statement that his luggage may have had a bomb on the JetBlue flight. Passengers on the plane were stuck on the plane for more than an hour, before they were evacuated via a truck-mounted staircase and placed onto shuttle buses.

The aircraft was moved to an isolated spot away from the gate. The LAX Police Department investigated to confirm that there were no explosives in the luggage or on the plane.

The passenger who missed his flight was taken into custody by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and police took “enforcement action against the subject.” Las Vegas Police, JetBlue, and the LAX Police Department have yet to respond to requests for comment.