Teens murder spanish teacher after she gives them bad grade

A Spanish high school teacher in Iowa was murdered by two teenagers because they were upset over a poor grade that they received from her.

The Spanish teacher was found dead in a Fairfield park on Nov. 3, 2021, after being beaten to death with a baseball bat. An attempt was made to conceal her death by covering her body with a tarp. Only a day later was the horrific discovery made.

Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller are accused of killing Nohema Graber, a Spanish high school teacher in Fairfield, Iowa, last year. Until this week, investigators weren’t sure what motivated the killing.

The teenagers expressed frustration with Graber’s teaching methods and stated that the grade in her class was affecting their GPAs.

A police investigation revealed Miller met Graber at Fairfield High School to discuss his poor grades.

Authorities say Graber later drove her van to Fairfield Park where she would walk most days after class. Several witnesses then saw the van leave the park not even an hour later with two males inside.

The van was eventually ditched on the side of a rural road.

According to a witness, Goodale called him, he then picked up the two students as they walked back to town.

According to reports, the students claimed they were forced to move the body and drive her van by a “roving group of masked kids.”

At first, Miller denied any involvement in Graber’s death and disappearance, but Miller eventually admitted he knew about it but did not take part in it. According to the witness, Goodale made statements implicating Miller and Goodale.

Authorities allege that the two students stalked, killed, and hid their teacher’s body. In an attempt to suppress Miller’s cell phone and Snapchat evidence, their attorney has overturned four search warrants.