Student Dies After Tragic 120-Foot Fall

A tragic accident occurred in California’s Big Sur region when a 21-year-old student fell from a 120-foot waterfall, resulting in his death. The young man, Kenneth Taylor, was a mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and an aspiring wildlife photographer. His body was found at the base of the Salm Creek waterfall on Saturday evening, around 7:45 p.m.

Taylor was believed to have slipped and fallen from the top of the waterfall. His body was discovered in a pool at the base of the waterfall. The authorities have ruled out any foul play in the incident.

Taylor was not a novice to outdoor adventures. He was known as an experienced hiker and had previously served as a trip leader for ASI Poly Escapes, an outdoor clothing and equipment shop. His colleagues at the store remembered him as a person with remarkable technical skills, kindness, wit, and a passion for adventure that was infectious.

Kenneth Bevens, a close friend of Taylor’s, shared that Taylor was on a hiking trip in Big Sur at the time of his death. He was supposed to attend an event that night celebrating the outdoor community. Bevens fondly remembered Taylor’s vibrant energy and positivity, which he felt was almost tangible when he was taking photos at the event.

The bond between Bevens and Taylor was so strong that they were often referred to as “Kenneth squared,” due to their shared interests in photography and the outdoors. Bevens expressed his admiration for Taylor’s kindness, enthusiasm, and dedication on Instagram, stating that Taylor made everyone around him feel loved.

Bevens also shared some of their shared experiences over the years, including introducing friends to each other, hiking together, playing racquetball, kayaking, and inspiring each other. He emphasized that Taylor’s love and enthusiasm had left a lasting impact on everyone he met, including himself.