Store Owner Fights Back, Two Robbers Dead

In a tragic incident that unfolded in Houston’s East End, the owner of a family-run convenience store, Ruiz Cash & Carry, was attacked by robbers upon his return from a bank visit. The owner, who was struck on the back of his head with a blunt object, retaliated by firing at the masked assailants. An employee inside the store, alerted by the commotion, also opened fire on the attackers.

The two suspects were fatally wounded and died at the scene. A third accomplice, however, managed to escape the scene in a black Lincoln Navigator, a recent model, bearing the Texas license plate RTS-3919. The escape was captured on video.

The store, it appears, has been a frequent target for robbers. Jacqueline Hernandez, the daughter of one of the store’s employees, expressed her fear and concern over the recurring incidents. She revealed that this was not the first time the store had been targeted.

The Houston police have noted an uptick in such incidents, which they refer to as “jugging”. This involves robbers identifying potential victims at ATMs or banks, following them, and then robbing them at a suitable location.

Houston Police Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher made a public appeal, urging people to consider the consequences of their actions. She expressed her sympathy for the loved ones of the deceased suspects, but reiterated that choices have consequences. She emphasized that while the police do not advocate violence or crime, citizens have the right to defend themselves. Hatcher concluded her statement with a stern reminder that crime does not always pay.