Friends Shocked by 600 Volts on Train Tracks in Selfie Incident

Three individuals, en route to the Lollapalooza music festival, experienced a shocking incident at the Ridgeland Green Line stop in Oak Park, Chicago. The trio decided to take a selfie on the L train tracks, a decision that led to a dangerous encounter with 600 volts of electricity from the third rail.

The incident occurred just after 7 p.m. on August 5. The group, consisting of two males and a female, were captured on video sitting on the tracks, preparing to take a photo. As one of the males leaned back to pose, he inadvertently touched the electrified rail, causing his body to stiffen violently.

The male then reached out, grabbing the female next to him. The electrical current passed through their bodies, causing her to stiffen as well. The third individual, who had not touched the rail, watched in horror as his friends writhed in pain beside him.

The video also showed a larger group of friends on the platform above the tracks. After a few moments of shock, they sprang into action, jumping down from the platform to help their friends. One of them appeared to receive a minor shock himself in the process.

The male who initially touched the rail went into cardiac arrest and was immediately rushed to Loyola Medical Center in critical condition, according to the Oak Park Fire Department. The female, although conscious when emergency responders arrived, was also hospitalized. The extent of their injuries and their current conditions remain undisclosed.

The human body can survive exposure to high voltages. For instance, an average lightning bolt contains around 300 million volts, as per the National Weather Service. However, even contact with as little as 50 volts can be lethal.