Man Charged with Murder and Dismemberment of Teenager Met Online

A Louisiana man, Anthony Pierce Holland Jr., 29, is facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with the death of a missing 19-year-old woman, Sheryl Turner. Turner’s dismembered torso was discovered in the Ouachita River, according to law enforcement officials.

Turner, described by her twin sister, Sherry, as a vibrant and kind-hearted individual, had recently moved to Ouachita Parish, where she had met someone, as revealed in a text message to her sister. She had also informed a family friend that she had arrived in West Monroe, Louisiana, and would be in touch soon.

Turner hailed from New Iberia, located in the southern region of Louisiana, while Ouachita Parish and West Monroe are situated in the northern part of the state. Catahoula Parish, where her remains were found, lies in the central region of Louisiana.

Forensic data and family statements indicated that Turner had initiated a romantic relationship via text message with an individual from West Monroe, whom she had met online. Her last known location was traced to a residence in West Monroe, which was identified as Holland’s home.

According to an affidavit, investigators established that Holland and Turner had begun their relationship through the TextNow app. Holland allegedly picked Turner up from her mother’s home in New Iberia on January 1 and brought her to his residence in Ouachita Parish. However, Turner’s phone ceased transmitting signals on January 2, shortly before midnight. Authorities believe it was last connected to a WIFI network near Holland’s apartment.

Law enforcement officials stated that traffic cameras captured Holland’s car near the location where Turner’s remains were discovered, four days prior to the gruesome find. This timeline aligns with the estimated duration Turner’s body had been in the water.

Holland reportedly confessed to investigators that he had initiated an online relationship with Turner, brought her to his home, and killed her during a sexual act. He allegedly dismembered her body, placed the remains in bags, and discarded them in a tributary of the Ouachita River, along with the knife he used and all of Turner’s belongings.

A subsequent search warrant execution at Holland’s residence reportedly revealed significant amounts of blood on a mattress and the floor.