Starbucks charged couple over $4K for coffee

On January 7th, Jesse O’Dell made his usual coffee run, ordering a venti caramel frappuccino for himself and an iced Americano for his wife, totaling a cost of around ten dollars.

He didn’t immediately check his receipt and his wife Deedee later noticed that a 4-digit charge had been made when her credit card was declined at a mall.

They contacted the company and were sent checks to make up for the money, yet the checks bounced. Jesse claims he did not press the button for the large tip and that a district manager told him it was a network issue.

The couple filed a complaint with the Tulsa police, however the case was closed when good checks were sent.

Jesse is warning other customers to watch for any suspicious charges and is disappointed that the incident caused them to miss a family trip to Deedee’s native Thailand that had non-refundable tickets.

He expressed how this has caused distress in his family and hopes others do not have to go through the same experience.