Plane makes emergency landing after explosion

A frightening scene unfolded during a Delta Airlines flight from Edinburgh to John F. Kennedy International Airport when a loud bang was heard and a fiery eruption burst from one of the plane’s wings.

Video footage of the incident captured passengers’ audible fear and shock as large sparks flew from the aircraft.

The plane, which was only about 40 minutes into the journey, was subsequently diverted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport, only 80 miles away from the takeoff point.

The flight crew reported that the plane was experiencing issues with the engine.

BBC News journalist Laura Pettigrew, who was on board, stated that during take-off, a loud engine noise was heard, which remained persistent in the air.

Before the crew informed passengers of an emergency landing, the captain walked up and down the aisles.

When the plane touched down at the destination, Pettigrew noticed firefighters with hoses rushing towards the plane. The passengers appeared to be more confused than panicked, except for the parents with children.

Furthermore, a secondary school was present with children and teachers on their way to the US for a trip over the February break, according to STV News.

The Federal Aviation Administration did not immediately respond to request for comment.