Pregnant woman and toddler fatally shot in home in apparent murder-suicide

The tranquility of Wallace, Idaho, was broken on Wednesday night when police arrived at 152 King Street to find the tragedy of pregnant Elizabeth D. Lawley and her two-year-old son.

Lawley and her son were found dead from Gunshot wounds, an apparent murder-suicide. This is the latest hardship to spread shock and sadness through the Silver Valley as tragedy strikes the town.

Reports from Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office say that the tragedy deeply affected responders first called to the scene.

Sheriff Holly Lindsey made a statement expressing her sorrow and sympathy to Lawley’s family, saying that in her 19 years of service, she had never seen the SCSO so somber and grief-stricken as it was in response to the crime.

Mayor Lynn Mogensen expressed her gratitude to all of the first responders who have had to handle this unfortunate and heart-breaking situation. Although the medical examiner has not released the full details and won’t until both bodies have been inspected, Sheriff Lindsey’s office has diligently provided as many answers as possible to the family and community.