4-year-old accidentally strangles herself at a kids’ amusement park

On Tuesday, May 13th, a tragic event unfolded in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, when a beloved four-year-old lost her life while using an inflatable trampoline at a kids’ amusement park.

According to regional police chief Serhii Shaikhet, the child suffocated after getting caught in the trampoline loops.

Natalia Kuchynska, who was set to be the godmother of the unnamed girl, reported that three employees were preoccupied with their phones instead of supervising the children. Others attempted to rescue the child, but the efforts were in vain.

The incident sparked much distress in the community, as it could have been avoided if the employees had paid attention.

As a result, the 45-year-old owner of the inflatable trampoline has been detained in connection with the incident. An investigation is still underway to uncover the safety measures that were in place at the amusement park and why they weren’t followed.