Woman Allegedly Drugged Man and Stole $600K in Jewelry After Meeting in Bar

Miami police are searching for a woman believed to have drugged a Florida man and stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from him. Surveillance cameras in the elevator of the affected residence captured the alleged criminal’s activities.

Officers from Miami’s police department are asking for the public’s help identifying the woman caught on the security camera. The incident occurred around 5:30 a.m. on May 8 when the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, and the woman in question met at the “Dirty Rabbit” bar in the city.

“The victim had drinks with the woman, and shortly afterward, he passed out,” Officer Michael Vega explained to WPLG-TV. According to Vega, when the victim awoke at noon, the woman and the items she’d stolen, which included two Rolex watches, a gold chain, gold bracelets, Cartier sunglasses, and a diamond ring, were no longer present. According to WPLG the stolen items were valued at $600,000.

Two Solo cups were seen with the woman as she carried them while exiting the elevator, and they are believed to contain her DNA and the substance used to drug her victim. The police are offering a reward of $10,000 in addition to the already issued reward for any information that leads to the woman’s arrest.

The suspect’s description is as follows: a woman with a height of about 5 feet 9 inches, weighing about 140 pounds, and in her 30s with long, black hair. Officer Vega expressed his confidence in areas like Miami, where nearly everyone knows someone. “The images of the woman are very clear,” he said. “Someone will recognize her.”

With the victim’s help, the Miami police are doing their best to apprehend and bring the woman to justice. The public’s assistance is paramount in helping the authorities identify this woman and end her alleged criminal scheme.