Passenger Threatens to Decapitate Flight Attendant on Delta Flight

A violent incident occurred on a Delta Airlines flight when a man assaulted a flight attendant, placing her in a chokehold and threatening to decapitate her, according to law enforcement officials. The incident took place on Wednesday around 4 p.m. as Flight 2432 from Atlanta touched down at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office identified the assailant as 39-year-old Nelson Montgomery. Montgomery reportedly brandished a sharp object, injuring himself before turning his aggression towards a flight attendant. Witnesses on the flight reported that Montgomery threatened to decapitate the woman, brandishing what seemed to be a shard of glass.

The flight attendant was slashed twice before passengers intervened, subduing Montgomery until the arrival of the police. An anonymous witness reported that after Montgomery was restrained, passengers were asked to provide medical aid due to his severe neck wound.

Following the incident, Montgomery was transported to a nearby medical facility for treatment. Despite being slashed twice, the flight attendant’s injuries were minor and treated at the scene.

Upon his release from the hospital, Montgomery will be processed at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. He faces charges of aggravated battery, disturbing the peace, and simple battery.

Delta Airlines issued a statement following the incident, stating that Flight 2432 was met by law enforcement upon landing due to a reported customer issue onboard. The airline emphasized its zero-tolerance policy for unruly behavior, prioritizing the safety and security of its staff and customers.

This incident is part of a growing trend of disruptive passengers on flights. In June, Delta made headlines when a man on an international flight from Paris to Detroit broke free from his restraints, causing fear and chaos among passengers. The flight was diverted to a Canadian airport, where the man was restrained by fellow passengers until landing.

The Federal Aviation Administration has recorded approximately 857 cases of unruly passengers in the first half of 2023 alone.