Teenage Girls Involved in Violent Brawl at Public Library

A violent altercation involving three teenage girls was recently recorded at a public library in Queensland. The disturbing incident, which was captured on video and later shared with local media, shows one girl on the ground outside the Beaudesert Public Library, shouting obscenities as another girl strikes her and yanks her hair. Bystanders, visibly shocked, watch as the situation escalates.

Inside the library, the conflict intensifies, with two library staff members and two men attempting to intervene. A third girl becomes involved, and the girl who was initially on the ground outside falls once more. She can be heard threatening the other girl with violence.

The video also shows a library staff member encouraging the girl on the ground to stand up, only for her to be attacked again. The staff member can be heard pleading with the aggressors to stop the assault. According to an anonymous source, the library staff were terrified by the incident, leading to the police being called and the library being put on lockdown.

Police confirmed they were summoned to the library around 4:20 p.m. on Monday following reports of a dispute between two teenage girls. Upon their arrival, they found a 15-year-old girl from South MacLean with minor injuries. A 52-year-old female staff member was also reportedly assaulted when she tried to intervene in the fight.

A 13-year-old girl from Beaudesert was taken into police custody at the scene, although she was not physically harmed. The police are dealing with her under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act, according to a spokesperson from the Queensland Police. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.