Mother of Four Loses Life in Treadmill Accident

A tragic incident unfolded at an LA Fitness gym in Kent, Washington, last Friday when a mother of four lost her life after falling from a treadmill. Delrie Rosario, 36, was exercising alongside her sister when the unfortunate event took place.

Marissa Woods, Rosario’s sister, shared with local media that the two of them were regulars at the gym, often using the treadmills for their workouts. She described the incident as a “strange mishap.” According to Woods, Rosario attempted to slow down the treadmill but seemed to lose her footing. “She just collapsed and hit her head on the machine,” Woods recounted.

The impact rendered Rosario unconscious, prompting a panicked Woods to call for assistance and inquire if anyone present knew CPR. Fellow gym-goers rushed to Rosario’s aid, and she was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital. Despite the immediate response, Rosario’s life could not be saved.

Rosario’s untimely death has left her four children without a mother. Woods revealed that Rosario held two jobs to provide for her children, always prioritizing their needs above her own. “She was a mother first. Everything she did was for her kids. She worked tirelessly for her kids,” Woods told reporters.

In the wake of the tragedy, the family has found a glimmer of comfort knowing that Rosario’s decision to be an organ donor is now helping others. Her heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver have been donated to patients in need, as per a GoFundMe campaign set up for her children.

Woods expressed her awe at her sister’s posthumous contributions. “Five people, right now, she’s saving lives. How big can your heart be to still be saving lives?” she said. “Just think, someone is walking around with her big heart. They don’t even know what heart they’re about to receive.”