Middle School Coach Caught Choking Student

A former staff member of Ypsilanti Middle School is facing legal repercussions following an alleged assault on a 14-year-old student, an that was captured on the school’s surveillance system. event occurred on June 4, and the individual involved, who was a coach trusted by the student, has since been dismissed from his position at Ypsilanti Community Schools.

The surveillance video reportedly shows the staff member approaching the student from behind in a school corridor. The footage reveals the adult pulling a shirt over the student’s head, leading to a struggle that ends with the student breaking free and walking away. The entire episode lasted less than 20 seconds.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office has approved two charges against the former employee: assault with intent to do great bodily harm by strangulation and assault and battery, a misdemeanor. Additional details about the case have not been disclosed.

Alena Zachery-Ross, the Superintendent of Ypsilanti Community Schools, confirmed that the former staff member is now prohibited from entering school grounds or attending school-related events. In a statement, Zachery-Ross emphasized the district’s commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all students, declaring such behavior as “absolutely unacceptable.”

Upon discovering the incident, the school district immediately contacted social services and collaborated with local law enforcement. The parents of the 14-year-old student, reported the incident to the police, were shown the surveillance footage and expressed their shock and loss of trust in the coach.

The incident reportedly transpired after the coach, who also served as a hall monitor, instructed the student to do push-ups as a punishment for misbehavior. The teenager refused, citing a hand injury, according to his parents. The parents have been advocating for charges against the former staff member and are seeking consequences for his actions.

Attempts to reach the former employee for a comment have been unsuccessful. The Ypsilanti Police Department has directed all inquiries to the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office.