Mass shooting in Texas, 5 dead, including 8-year-old, suspect still at large

Police are searching for Francisco Oropeza, 38, who is considered “armed and dangerous” after he shot five of his Texas neighbors, including an 8-year-old boy.

The incident occurred when a neighbor asked him to stop shooting his rifle outside, as it was disturbing an infant’s sleep. Law enforcement traced Oropeza to a wooded area close to the crime scene, but he has since eluded them.

The FBI has become involved and is now leading the search for the Mexican national suspect, and police have recovered the murder weapon, his cell phone, and his clothing.

The video surveillance shows Oropeza approaching the house where ten people were present. Sheriff Greg Capers said the suspect became angry and entered the house, executing the people inside. Five of the ten present were gunned down, while the other five, including three children, survived. The sheriff reported this as the most horrific scene he had seen in his 41 years in law enforcement.

If you have any information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts, you are encouraged to call the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office at 936-653-4367.