Man crashes into bear while biking on trail

Kevin Milner, a 30 year old man from North Vancouver, British Columbia, was cycling through the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve on Tuesday when he unexpectedly ‘T-boned’ a black bear.

This resulted in a fractured scapula, cardiac contusion, bruised ribs, road rash and numbness. He was thrown into the air but managed to survive the accident.

Passers-by stopped to help Milner, with two of them cycling away to find cell reception to call for help. However, when help arrived, it wasn’t in the form of an ambulance or EMS, but the same bear that he had crashed into. The bear seemed to be curious of Milner’s condition, and was seemingly unfazed by the people tending to him.

The man eventually convinced a bystander to lend him their e-bike and help him ride to the entrance of the forest, passing the women who had been trying to call for help. He was taken to Lions Gate Hospital, where he was kept overnight for treatment.

Milner says that his daily commute will likely change following the crash. He is just glad to be alive, and calls this the most ‘Canadian, North Vancouver thing that could ever happen’.