Jeffrey Epstein threatened to expose Bill Gates’ affair: report

A report recently released has suggested that Jeffrey Epstein threatened Bill Gates due to the latter’s affair with Mila Antonova, a young Russian bridge player.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Gates, who was in his mid-50s at the time, began his relationship with Antonova when she was in her 20s. In 2013, Epstein met Antonova and paid for her to attend a software coding school. In 2017, Epstein sent an email to Gates asking to be reimbursed for the cost of the course, citing a prior relationship between the two men.

Gates’ spokesperson stated that the Microsoft co-founder only met with Epstein for philanthropic reasons, and Epstein had failed to get Gates involved in a multibillion-dollar charitable fund.

Antonova refused to comment on the Gates sex scandal, saying she had no knowledge of Epstein’s true identity. When Epstein offered to pay for her education, Antonova claimed she was unaware of his motives.

Previously, in 2010, Antonova had posted a YouTube video about her encounter with Gates. It was also discovered that Gates had numerous meetings scheduled with Epstein starting in 2011, and in 2013 he flew on Epstein’s private jet to Palm Beach, Florida.

Melinda Gates also reportedly met with Epstein, an experience which left her feeling deeply uneasy, and she referred to him as an “abhorrent, evil personified”. Melinda and Bill Gates announced their divorce in May 2021, after 27 years of marriage. When questioned about his relationship with Epstein in 2023, Gates became frustrated, replying that he had only ever had dinner with him.

Epstein had pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008 and died in prison while awaiting his sex trafficking trial in 2019.

The Wall Street Journal also discovered that Epstein had met with a CIA director, Noam Chomsky, Obama’s White House counsel, and a Rothschild.