Grandmother’s Role in School Fight Leads to Arrest

A Michigan grandmother is facing charges after allegedly assisting her granddaughter in assaulting a fellow elementary school student, as reported by local law enforcement. The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed due to pending arraignment, was apprehended on April 18 and is currently being held at the Genesee County Jail.

The incident occurred at McMonagle Elementary School, where the grandmother and her granddaughter were dropped off. According to Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Michael Veach, the duo was allowed entry into the school under the pretense of attending a behavioral meeting.

Jamal Bransford, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator of Westwood Heights Schools, expressed his concern over the incident. He stated that the grandmother managed to bypass security measures and gain unauthorized access to the school premises, which led to the unfortunate event.

According to Chief Veach, the grandmother and her granddaughter targeted a young girl with whom the granddaughter was having issues. The pair allegedly followed the girl into a restroom, where the grandmother restrained the girl while her granddaughter physically assaulted her.

The Mt. Morris Township Police Department promptly initiated an investigation into the alleged assault. Bransford emphasized that no other children were involved or harmed during the incident.

Bransford further stated that the safety and security of their students is their utmost priority. He assured that the school administration is working diligently to implement necessary measures to prevent such security breaches in the future. In addition, they are actively collaborating with the Mt. Morris Township Police Department to establish safeguards that will ensure the well-being of their students and prevent similar incidents from happening.