Flight stuck on runway for two hours after crew members get in heated argument

Passengers were left in shock after two SkyWest staffers engaged in a heated argument in front of them regarding a request for a passenger in first class to switch seats with someone in coach.

The incident occurred on a flight from Los Angeles to Houston and was captured on video by ESPN anchor Ashley Brewer, who was present on the flight.

Accompanied by the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme, the video showed the male and female flight attendants debating the change in seating. According to Brewer, the male flight attendant approved the switch request while his female counterpart disagreed, citing SkyWest’s policy.

The video then showed the male flight attendant becoming louder and louder, leading the female flight attendant to cry and run toward the front of the plane. As a result, both flight attendants were asked to leave the aircraft and were replaced with more amiable staff.

Passengers were left waiting in the airplane for nearly two hours until the incident was eventually resolved. Brewer described the situation as “petty” and expressed her disbelief at the world on her Twitter page.

SkyWest confirmed the incident and released a statement apologizing for the delay and announcing an internal investigation.