Elderly Oregon Man Assaulted by Homeless Teen He Aided

In Seaside, Oregon, an act of kindness turned tragic when an 80-year-old man was viciously assaulted by a homeless teenager he had endeavored to assist. The Seaside Police Department reported that Isaiah James Thompson, 18, brutally attacked the elderly man after he was offered help. The victim, known for his generosity, had previously encountered Thompson on the streets of Astoria and purchased McDonald’s food for him.

Their recent encounter escalated when the teenager requested the man to purchase drugs, which he refused. Instead, the elderly man brought Thompson to his home, offered him a beer, and allowed him to use his shower and change clothes. What followed was a harrowing turn of events: in the garage, Thompson demanded the keys to the man’s Mustang. Upon refusal, he resorted to violence, beating the man with a chain and padlock, and even stabbing him, inflicting serious injuries.

After the attack, Thompson allegedly stole the Mustang, leading to a high-speed chase with police. Despite efforts to apprehend him, including the deployment of three K-9 units, Thompson initially evaded capture. The breakthrough in the case came when Thompson’s mother contacted the authorities, identifying her son as the assailant after seeing a press release about the crime.

The victim, who barely survived the attack, was hospitalized in critical condition. His identification of Thompson in a police lineup was crucial in the subsequent arrest. Thompson now faces multiple charges, including attempted murder, robbery, and unlawful use of a weapon, along with charges related to the car chase.

This incident highlights the complex challenges surrounding homelessness and the unpredictability of human interactions. It also raises questions about the safety and risks associated with personal philanthropy in today’s society.