Man Accused of Gruesome Decapitation Murder, and May Still Have Head

In San Francisco, a 24-year-old man has been apprehended for the alleged murder and decapitation of a woman believed to be his relative. The suspect, distinguished by a prominent “420” tattoo on his head, was taken into custody on Saturday morning at the Transbay Terminal by officers who identified him from a murder suspect description circulated by Santa Rosa Police.

The capture was the climax of an urgent manhunt triggered by a harrowing discovery made by the Santa Rosa Police on Thursday afternoon: a woman’s decapitated body in a home on Pomo Trail. While the woman’s identity has not been disclosed, it was noted that she was related to the suspect, though the specifics of their relationship remain unclear.

Authorities had been on high alert for the suspect, considered armed and potentially dangerous, especially after he was seen leaving the crime scene on foot. The suspect had a criminal history, including a recent release from state prison where he served time for assault with a deadly weapon and weapons possession.

Despite the arrest, details regarding whether the victim’s head has been located remain undisclosed. The suspect was under Postrelease Community Supervision at the time of the incident. The police department has indicated that more information on the arrest will be released as the investigation progresses.