Democrats’ abortion attack ads on Republican Senate candidates

Republican Senate candidates hit back on abortion attack ads from Democrats – Fox News

Tiffany Smiley, the Republican Senate nominee in Washington state against Patty Murray, said in a commercial that Murray wants to scare voters.

The Democratic Party has latched onto abortion as the pivotal midterm issue following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Republican Senate candidate in Arizona Blake Masters accused Democratic Senator Mark Kelly of lying about his views on abortion in a video posted on social media on Thursday.

Smiley supports the Hyde Amendment, which bars taxpayer dollars from funding abortions, and says that Murray is an extremist who supports taxpayer-funded, abortion-on-demand, anytime, including before the baby is born.

Some media outlets accused Masters of being a regressive regressor, but his campaign told Fox News his stance on abortion has not changed, and he updates his website often.

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is portraying his Republican opponent Joe O’Dea as a man who wants to ban all abortions. However, O’Dea is much more pro-choice than most in his party and has opposed the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health ruling.

Lila Rose, the founder and president of Live Action warned Republican candidates against changing positions for political expediency. She suggested that pro-life candidates should speak out harder on their pro-life positions as they vie for the Republican nomination.

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