26-Year-old woman suddenly dies while having dinner with parents

On May 21st, a heartbreaking tragedy occurred when Dani Duchatel, aged 26, passed away in front of her parents during a family dinner in their home in Brisbane, Australia.

The Australian-born Duchatel had recently undergone surgery on her broken leg, and the doctors believe a blood clot had formed due to the surgery, causing a pulmonary embolism. Despite her mother performing CPR, Duchatel did not revive.

In response to her daughter’s death, her mother posted a message on Facebook, expressing her sorrow and informing people of funeral details to come. To help her family cope with the loss, they started a GoFundMe to raise more than $15,000 out of $20,000.

Family friend Chantelle Lay described her family’s need for financial support to help them be home and cover the funeral costs, asking for any help – big or small.

Friend Janis Michel paid tribute to Daniella on Instagram, expressing her love and appreciation for their time together. She promised to keep living life to the fullest, as Duchatel had told her to, and to remember their amazing memories together.