Woman slammed her SUV into a Popeyes restaurant because her order was missing biscuits

Last Saturday, a woman in Augusta, Georgia became furious that her order at the local Popeyes restaurant was missing biscuits. Although the manager corrected the order, the woman was still unsatisfied and threatened to drive her car into the building.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Miller told Popeyes staff to hurry up with her order as she would be coming back. An 18-year-old employee was standing near the front of the building and almost got hit when Miller drove her SUV into the restaurant. She then punched the gas pedal and drove four more feet into the building, only stopping after debris prevented her car from going further. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

Four days later, police arrested the woman, Belinda H. Miller, for aggravated assault and first degree criminal damage to property.

WJBF released video footage of the damage the SUV caused at the Popeyes. Miller was taken to Charles B. Webster Detention Center and her vehicle was found with front-end damage at her home.