Woman bites off attacker’s body part and keeps it as evidence for police

On Sunday, Feb 18, Avignon, France, was witness to a shocking scene. An immigrant from Tunisia in his thirties accosted a 57-year-old woman who was out walking her dog in the early morning hours. According to France Bleu, the man aggressively grabbed the woman and proceeded to kiss her while inappropriately touching himself.

The woman did not back down and fought valiantly against the perpetrator. In an act of bravery, she bit off a portion of his tongue and kept it as evidence to give to the police.

The suspect was soon apprehended, but he claimed that it was the female who had attacked him. Since he was an illegal immigrant, authorities ordered him to leave the country.

The bravery of this French woman proves that self-defense is a valid and effective tool to be used in hazardous circumstances. It requires immense courage to face such a situation and there are a few steps that should be taken to stay safe. It is recommended to be aware of one’s surroundings and to avoid going to isolated places alone. Carrying a personal alarm device or some other form of self-protection is also recommended.

Most importantly, people should always consider reporting sexual assault or harassment to the police. This will not only help protect potential victims in the future, but also aid law enforcement in catching the culprit.