Woman kills husband with a hammer after being asked to sign divorce papers

Police in Arlington, Texas, are currently investigating a murder case in which a woman has been accused of using a hammer to take the life of her husband. My Tran, 42, has been apprehended and is being held without bond in the Tarrant County Jail. She was the source of the 911 call, according to the police report and their Facebook post.

Officers reported to the scene at approximately 5:58 a.m. on Wednesday to the apartment complex in the 3200 block of Sweet Gum Trail. Tran had mentioned that she was at the location to sign divorce paperwork for her husband, though his name has been redacted. Upon arrival, they found an Asian woman near the apartment entrance and, after conducting a protective sweep of the area, they found a white male dead in the bed with physical trauma to his head. He was 45-years-old.

When officers used a detective fluent in Vietnamese to communicate with Tran, she accepted a Miranda warning and agreed to speak. Tran shared that she had been harboring anger towards her husband due to their relationship, and that at approximately 4:00 a.m. she retrieved a hammer from her car. After debating in her head, she stated she struck the victim in the head with the hammer an estimated six-to-seven times. Shortly after, she called 911.

Tran expressed that she was aware of her actions and accepted responsibility for the killing.
The medical examiner’s office will work to determine the exact time of death, according to police spokesperson Jesse Minton. He also mentioned that they believe Tran arrived at the residence on late Tuesday, May 23rd, though the exact time is still unknown.