Woman Kills Boyfriend’s Toddler, Fed Her Items Such as Batteries and Screws

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A Lawrence County woman has been taken into custody this week on serious charges related to the abuse and tragic death of her boyfriend’s one-year-old daughter. The arrest comes after an extensive investigation conducted jointly by the Office of Attorney General and the New Castle Police Department, culminating in the filing of charges on Thursday. The case has shaken the community, with both law enforcement officials and the Attorney General expressing their shock and determination to bring justice to the young victim.

Aleisia Owens, 20, is facing multiple charges, including criminal homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated assault of a child, and endangering the welfare of a child, in connection to the death of her boyfriend’s one-year-old daughter in June 2023. The Office of Attorney General and the New Castle Police Department carried out an investigation that revealed a disturbing pattern of abuse leading up to the tragic incident. Owens was subsequently denied bail due to the severity of the charges against her.

According to the Medical Examiner’s report, the child’s death was caused by fatally high levels of acetone in her blood. The investigators discovered that in the months prior to the baby’s death, the child had ingested multiple harmful objects, including water beads, button-shaped batteries, and a metal screw. Disturbingly, it was found that Owens had been researching the potential harm these items could cause children.

Attorney General Michelle Henry expressed her heartbreak over the details of the case, emphasizing the incomprehensible actions taken by someone entrusted with the care of a defenseless child. She pledged to hold those accountable who knowingly put the lives of others, especially vulnerable children, at risk. New Castle Police Department Chief Robert Salem commended the collaborative effort between his officers, detectives, and agents and the Attorney General’s Office in pursuing justice for the young victim.

The investigation further uncovered Owens’ extensive online search history, with repeated queries from February until June for information on household products that could cause harm or even death to a child. Searches included phrases such as “beauty products that are poisonous to kids” and “medications leading to accidental poisoning deaths in children.” These disturbing findings provide additional evidence of Owens’ alleged intent and raise further questions about her actions leading to the child’s untimely death.

Prior to the tragic incident, the child had been hospitalized for ingesting numerous water beads, batteries, and a metal screw, all of which can be highly dangerous if swallowed by a child. The community has been left devastated by the death of the young victim, with both law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office working diligently to seek justice for her untimely demise.

In conclusion, a Lawrence County woman has been arrested and charged in connection to the abuse and death of her boyfriend’s one-year-old daughter. The investigation highlighted the deliberate steps allegedly taken by the suspect, including extensive research into harmful household products. The community has been left heartbroken by this tragic incident, and law enforcement officials are committed to holding those responsible accountable for their actions.