Delta Passenger Allegedly Defecates in Seat, Spread Like Peanut Butter

A Delta flight on Christmas Eve was marred by an unpleasant incident, as reported by a passenger on a popular online forum, Reddit. The passenger, who chose to remain anonymous, detailed an unfortunate event where a fellow traveler allegedly defecated in their seat, leaving a mess behind. The incident took place on a connecting flight from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, with the final destination being Key West, Florida.

The passenger, traveling with their eight-year-old daughter, first noticed a foul smell permeating the cabin shortly after takeoff. Initially, they suspected their child might be the source of the odor. However, the child denied any involvement, and the smell persisted throughout the flight.

The true cause of the odor was discovered only upon landing. As passengers disembarked, the Reddit user reported seeing a seat covered in feces, eight rows ahead of their own. The passenger in question had apparently sat in the mess for the duration of the flight, even exiting the plane in Atlanta with their clothes soiled.

The Reddit user further elaborated in the comments section that the feces had reached halfway up the back of the passenger. They also mentioned that the plane had been taxiing on the runway for about 45 minutes, implying that the individual had been sitting in their own waste for the entire duration.

The flight was not without other incidents. The Reddit user also recalled an announcement made after the plane was fully boarded, stating that a passenger had left their dog in the boarding area. The user described the flight as one of their most memorable experiences with Delta.

The story sparked a flurry of comments and jokes among the Reddit community. One user quipped, “Whoever smelta, Delta!” while another compared flying to riding a city bus. A third user claimed to have been on the same flight and corroborated the story, describing the sight of the soiled seat as akin to peanut butter spread.

While most comments were humorous or disgusted, some users expressed sympathy for the individual. One user, identifying as someone with stomach issues, empathized with the situation, stating that life isn’t easy for people with such conditions.

This isn’t the first time Delta has experienced such an incident. In September, a flight from Atlanta to Barcelona had to turn around due to a passenger suffering from explosive diarrhea.