Woman has ‘loud and full body orgasm’ during symphony

During the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony, one woman experienced an unforgettable and extraordinary moment at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Many attendees noticed her loud and full-body orgasm which has since gone viral. Magnus Fiennes, a British composer and the brother of actor Ralph Fiennes, was present and took to Twitter to share his account of the incident.

While some social media users were skeptical, Fiennes insisted that the woman’s moment of ecstasy was real and that the orchestra did not stop playing. Sharon Su, a classical pianist, confirmed this after speaking with someone at the LA Philharmonic. Journalist Jocelyn Silver also reported that her friends said that the woman had a “SCREAMING orgasm” and the orchestra kept playing.

Music agent Lukas Burton commented that the woman’s “expression of pure physical joy” was “rather wonderful and refreshing” and the audience had a “sort of gasp” in response.

So far, the identity of the woman remains a mystery and the LA Philharmonic has not yet responded to the request for comment. It is worth noting that the melody of John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” is the same as the horn solo in the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony.