Woman allegedly kills her 5th husband

Sarah Hartsfield, a 48-year-old former US Army sergeant, has been placed in the Chambers County Jail for the murder of her fifth husband, Joseph Hartsfield.

Investigation has revealed Joseph was injected with lethal levels of insulin, and that his wife delayed calling for help until it was too late. It has been discovered that his glucose monitor had already sent out a warning before Sarah took any action.

This case follows the death of her ex-fiance, David Bragg, in 2018 which she claimed to have done in self-defense. Hartsfield has a long history of legal issues. In 1996, she was arrested for assaulting her then-husband Michael Traxler at their Rio Bonito home, however, the charges were dropped a week later. The death of David Bragg was later reopened and justice was served.

Titus Knoernschild, Sarah’s first husband, expressed his relief in her capture and said, “I am glad she has finally been caught for who she is. I’m just sorry another person had to die to get her caught”. Her son from her third marriage, Ryan Donohue, had already predicted her downfall.

Sarah Hartsfield is currently being held in Chambers County Jail on a $4.5 million bond and has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Authorities are reopening the previous two cases linked to her.