THEY DID WHAT!? Human-Man Pig-Heart Experiment Goes Terribly Wrong with Death and Man-Pig Virus!

Signs of an Animal Virus Discovered in Man Who Received a Pig’s Heart – The New York Times

A 57-year-old man survived for two months with a heart transplant from a genetically altered pig, but then suddenly deteriorated and died. The virus may have contributed to his death.

A genetically modified pig’s heart was used to treat a patient who had an immune system problem. The heart was screened for a virus, but the tests only pick up active infections.

Mr. Bennett’s transplant was initially deemed successful, but he became acutely ill 45 days after the surgery and died on March 8. A test indicated he had porcine CMV, but at such a low level that doctors thought it might be a lab error.

The heart transplant was one of several groundbreaking transplants in recent months. Scientists are concerned that genetically modified organs could introduce an animal disease into the human population.

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