The Legacy of Princess Diana: 25 years after her death

Princess Diana’s legacy 25 years after her death – CBS Mornings

Twenty-five years after her death, Princess Diana’s wardrobe continues to inspire a new generation. Recent films and TV shows like “Spencer,” “The Crown” and HBO Max’s documentary, “Princess” have renewed interest in Diana, introducing her to Millennials and Generation Z.

As was true of the Netflix series reinvention of this wedding outfit, younger generations are imbibing her looks for a particular aesthetic. They like her sporty, relaxed attire from the 1980s and 1990s, which is a seamless combination of streetwear, athleisure, and charisma.

Haley Bieber paid tribute to Princess Diana in the 2019 Vogue Paris much-referenced runway issue with emblazoned caps, college sweaters, and big gold and pearl earrings.

Popular figures on Instagram and TikTok have recreated Diana’s style, with one user even setting up a fan account devoted to her. Others have shared how-tos for recreating specific outfits and have unveiled batches of sweaters and other individual items worn or inspired by Diana.

Princess Diana’s wardrobe has attracted renewed interest, thanks partly to shows such as Stranger Things and vintage designs by luxury brands such as Chanel. Her “revenge outfit”, which she wore on the day Prince Charles admitted he had an affair, has also resonated with fashion-conscious youth.

Diana’s firetruck-red knitted jumper, featuring a pattern of white sheep against a black one, was given a new lease of life when it was reissued by clothing brand Rowing Blazers in 2020.

Virgil Abloh named Diana his muses for the Off-Whites spring-summer 2018 runway show and featured Diana’s off-duty looks in his signature cycling shorts and denim jacket.

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