New York law requires ID if you want to buy whipped cream

Show ID to Buy Whipped Cream? New York Law Stirs Confusion – The New York Times

The legislation passed in New York last year that bans the sale of whipped cream canisters to anyone under 21 was misinterpreted and has resulted in stores asking for IDs when consumers take their cans of whipped cream to the checkout line.

The attorney general’s office confirmed the language of the bill indicates that the Nitrous Oxide cans found inside are subject to ID verification. The law only focuses on the single chargers or packs, which are available to younger residents and are being used inappropriately for getting nitrous oxide highs.

Sen. Joseph Addabbo’s office (D-Queens) saw the inhalant mania firsthand when it performed neighborhood clean-ups in Queens – they found dozens of secondhand chargers scattered across the grass. Since legislation passed last November, the office has not received any complaints from constituents about finding the used chargers clogging up neighborhoods.

The New York Association of Convenience Stores sent a statement telling its members they did not have to obtain an ID to buy the whipped cream. The statement states that the age limit applies only to chargers, not individual pods.

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