Ted Nugent farewell tour concert canceled after backlash on social media

Following a wave of social media criticism of Ted Nugent’s political views, promoters have canceled his upcoming performance at an Alabama venue, according to Rolling Stone.

Nugent, the guitarist behind the song “Cat Scratch Fever”, was slated to appear at Avondale Brewing Co. in Birmingham on July 18th. However, once Red Mountain Entertainment made the announcement about his appearance on Monday, the venue’s social media pages were inundated with comments expressing disapproval, leading to the cancellation of the performance on Thursday afternoon, one day before tickets were to go on sale.

In a statement on their Instagram Stories, the venue declared that they had heard the concerns of the Avondale community and had taken the necessary steps to cancel the event.

Nugent, who has long been a vocal supporter of former President Trump and was a member of the National Rifle Association’s board until recently, had announced three weeks ago that he would be embarking on his “Adios Mofo ’23” farewell tour.

Unfortunately, Birmingham natives who wish to experience Nugent’s last tour will now have to travel to other states such as Florida, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma, which are still listed on the tour’s schedule.

The musician’s story isn’t unique, as other seasoned rockers have also made headlines recently for their controversial social and political views. Paul Stanley, co-founder of Kiss, recently posted a comment opposing the sexual transitioning of young children, only to later walk it back. Similarly, Dee Snider, formerly of Twister Sister, tweeted in support of Stanley’s statement, leading to San Francisco Pride ditching plans to use Twisted Sister’s “We’re not gonna take it” as their unofficial rallying cry.