Suspected gang members shoot 13-year-old boy in head

Gunmen fired shots at partygoers outside a Chicago home Tuesday night and shot a 13-year-old boy in the head – but the victim’s cousin, 21, has a concealed carry license, and he shot back, ending the attack.

What happened?

A CCL holder, who declined to be identified, told WGN he and his family were celebrating a relative’s birthday in the Lower West Side of the city.

During an interview that doesn’t show his face, he said, “It was my grandma’s birthday.”.

Several relatives went to the alley behind the house to check out a cousin’s new car – and then heard what they thought were firecrackers.

In his account to the station, the CCL holder said he saw his cousin’s face turn weird, then looked to his right and saw two gunmen.

WGN reported bullets were being fired at them.

“We start hearing the [whizzing sound] and then the light post starts making all these weird noises, so we’re like, ‘Oh no, this is serious,'” he continued.
That’s when the man pulled out his own gun, WGN reported: “I started just shooting. I stood my ground. I didn’t even move. I stood my ground because that [is] how I like to do it, just defend my family.”

This cannot be happening

During the attack, the man told the station that his 13-year-old cousin was lying in a pool of blood, having been shot in the temple.

He told WGN that he was stunned at the shooting of his cousin, saying, “This cannot be happening.”

He said he was still breathing when he was shot. “He was shot twice in the head, but he was still breathing.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the boy was in critical condition at Stroger Hospital, but there seems to be some hope in sight, WGN reported.

The CCL holder told the station that the victim’s brother called Wednesday night and said the 13-year-old boy “opened his eyes, and he has a little movement, so he’s doing well, and thank God.” Because I had faith, I didn’t think negatively, because I didn’t want to bring negative energy. I just wanted him to get better.

According to the man, his family “never experienced gun violence like that.”

Any other thoughts?

In its video report, the station noted a vehicle connected to the shooting fled the city, but Hinsdale police spiked its tires, boxed it in, and arrested three people.

Chicago police said the three individuals were known gang members, but it was unclear whether any were involved in the shooting.