Shooting at hospital leaves security guard dead, police kill suspect

At approximately 11 am (PDT) on Saturday, officers from the Portland Police Department responded to reports of threats inside Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. According to Sgt. Kevin Allen, the suspect was armed with at least one firearm when the shooting occurred on the fifth floor of the hospital near the birthing unit.

After the shooting, the suspect managed to flee the scene and police began searching for him. Police initially thought he had gone to a nearby Fred Meyer grocery store, which they evacuated and searched before discovering that he was not present. The suspect was eventually tracked down in a vehicle in Gresham, where officers from the Portland East Precinct, Gresham Police Department, SERT, CNT, and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department were waiting for him.

When the suspect confronted police, shots were fired and the suspect was killed. Thankfully, no officers were injured in the process. However, the hospital security guard who was shot earlier had to be transferred to a Level 1 Trauma Center for additional lifesaving treatment, but he unfortunately died despite the efforts.

Jonathan Avery, the hospital’s chief operating officer, expressed his concern for the safety of the hospital’s staff and visitors, and urged them to avoid the hospital until the situation had been resolved. Portland Police Department Chief Chuck Lovell also praised the hospital staff and law enforcement for their coordinated effort following the incident.